Mark Cole Oysters

Throughout history, people have embellished and ritualized the events that they deem important.   I am interested in functional ceramics’ ability to represent a continuance of cultural object making that describes both our actions and our activities of value. I make pottery because I want to make purposeful objects for people to appreciate during their experiences.  Functional objects have the ability to reveal the many ways in which we spend our time, from the extravagant to the daily ritual. They symbolize the actions necessary for the object to be used.

When I work in the studio I am developing the expression of my own aesthetic, which includes highly refined simplistic stoneware forms adorned with a complex, patterned surface. I seek to create a visual harmony through my anticipation and orchestration of the unique situations created by the material interactions that come to fruition during the firing process.   Developing patterns with the glazes allows for these interactions to take place. I seek to showcase my favorite qualities of the stoneware and glazes, creating rustic objects of function that are visually striking but are also ultimately simple and trustworthy.